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SloJo brings your beverage dreams to life.

SloJo is a full-service designer drinks company. We specialise in designer beverages which range from gourmet milkshakes to flavourful cocktails and more! Our range of versatile, unique and delicious powders, liquids, syrups and sauces are a recipe for mouth-watering goodness.

Experience Designer Drinks

Designer drinks are beverages that are either frozen, crushed, blended, hand-built, hand-shaken, frothed or sauced. These drinks are fresh, indulgent, authentic and unique which is why they’re loved by our customers year after year. Designer drinks are not only a fan favorite, but they are a great business opportunity too; they bring in higher prices, greater margins and create unique offerings. Benefit from all of this within the fastest growing drinks category in the away-from-home market.

From the creation of designer drinks to the selling of them, here are a number of different drink collections,

taste experiences and resources to choose from:

Gourmet Milkshakes

Freezos and Fruit Crushers

Craft Sodas, Coolers & Artisanal built IceTeas

Infused Waters, Lemonades & Fruit Crushers

Loaded Hot Chocolates & Decadent Hotties

Cocktails & Mocktails

SloJo’s team can also assist you with:

› Custom beverage menu development

› Equipment recommendation

› Staff training & education

› New offering development & innovation

› Marketing support & industry expertise

We are proud to be:


We have long-standing relationships with global chains and independants across the hospitality industry including restaurants, coffee shops, corporate catering and more


Our exclusive global brand and partnerships have driven us to develop and source the best, high-quality products.

At your service

We have over 30 trained mixologists, taste architects, trainers, food scientists and sales consultants across South Africa.

A growing network

Our network expands globally across North America, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

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