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Orange Slushie Recipe

  • SloJo Orange Slush Syrup
  • Water
  • 12 L container
  • Elmeco machine
How to Mix
  • Take a 12 L container
  • Add 2 L of SloJo Orange Slush Syrup into container
  • Add 9 L of water into container
  • Stir well for 3 minutes
  • Pour mixture into Elmeco machine©
  • Turn ON the machine (button on the side of the machine)
  • Turn the freezing process ON (put on slush 9) in front of the machine
  • The product will take 2 ½ = 3 hours to freeze
  • Make sure the mixer is turning in the barrel (if not please make sure the lid is closed properly)
  • Serve
  • NB: At the end of the day, turn on CHILL button (put on Cold 2) in front of the machine,
  • NB: Complete mixture measures 11L in Granita Hopper
  • Serving per 250 ml cup: 44
  • Serving per 350 ml cup: 31
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